This website now uses kiwitrees, a derivative of the leading open-source genealogical software package webtrees, to provide access to the Family History Database, which now contains details on 15,000 individuals, representing up to thirteen generations of my ancestors and their spouses' families and descendants, from the mid-1400's to the present day. Until the end of the 19th century, the majority were living in Glamorgan and Cumberland, with some in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. But descendants from the early 20th century onwards are spread throughout the world. Using kiwitreees, you may access this data in a variety of ways, and produce lists, charts and reports, and members of the extended family who have user accounts may also download information in GEDCOM or other format for inclusion in their own Family History files. Access to information on the living, and to images without watermarks, is restricted to members of the extended family, who may request a user account.                                                                                  

Thank-you for visiting the site; I hope you find it useful and informative and that you will come back soon. For more background information on the principle branches of this family tree please use the navigation buttons below. 

 Ron Davies     


We can't go on forever, expanding and expanding! To ensure that quality has priority over quantity, and to place some limits on the ever-increasing time- and resource- demands of the database and website, I decided in 2014 to resist the temptation to expand any further and to concentrate on rounding-off, gap-filling and error correction. This process is largely complete (in as much as anything is ever complete in genealogy!) and as, in October 2016, the number of individuals on the database reached 15,000 (which I had set as my absolute limit a few years ago, having failed to stop at 5000, then at 10,000!!!) I have decided that I should now draw the line and freeze the database. I aim to maintian the website for the benefit of members of the extended family, and, indeed, for all those who have come to regard it as a useful source in their own family history research, but I shall make no further changes to the content. Perhaps, in the fullness of time, a member of the younger generation(s) will pick up where I have left off. Nothing would give me more pleasure! Meanwhile I am still here, happy to set up new user accounts as required, to respond to any queries regarding the database content or the website, and of course,  prepared to correct any glaring errors that you may encounter (though, hopefully, there are few of those).   My thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.



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Jenkin Davies Jenkin Davies
b. 1 November 1824 Bodringallt, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
d. 14 September 1893 (Age 68) Englefield, Berkshire, England
Hodgson Brough
b. 1 December 1796 Holme Abbey, Holme Cultram, Cumberland, England
d. 6 March 1879 (Age 82) Holme Cultram, Cumberland, England
On this day
Death - 20 October 1889 (128 year anniversary)
Johanna "Jo or Joan" Ashworth
Birth - 20 October 1884 (133 year anniversary) - Queenstown, New Zealand
Maria Ashworth
Death - 20 October 1934 (83 year anniversary)
Thomas Montague Bevan
Death - 20 October 1931 (86 year anniversary) - Dinas Powis, Glamorgan, Wales
Margaretta Lizzie "Netta" Boulton
Birth - 20 October 1902 (115 year anniversary) - Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, Wales
Catherine Bowen
Elizabeth Bowen
Eileen Ruth Davenport
Birth - 20 October 1946 (71 year anniversary)
Annie Evans
Death - 20 October 1879 (138 year anniversary) - Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
Ellen Harris
Birth - 20 October 1870 (147 year anniversary) - Sturt, Wiltshire, England
Catherine Howell
Death - 20 October 1865 (152 year anniversary) - Nottage, Glamorgan, Wales
Winifred May King
Birth - 20 October 1900 (117 year anniversary) - Marton, Warwickshire, England
Mary Lewis
Death - 20 October 1888 (129 year anniversary) - Taibach, Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
John Henry Longstaff
Birth - 20 October 1914 (103 year anniversary) - St.Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
Edward Loveluck + Mary Hopkin
Marriage - 20 October 1822 (195 year anniversary) - St.Mary's, Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
Daniel Pears
Dr. James Mathias Phillips M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A. + Mary Ann Powell
Marriage - 20 October 1870 (147 year anniversary) - St.Mary, Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
Albert Frederick Pullen
Birth - 20 October 1869 (148 year anniversary)
Kate Mary Rickard
Death - 20 October 1962 (55 year anniversary)
Henry Spark
Myfanwy Dorothy Symond
Death - 20 October 1928 (89 year anniversary)
Lydia Walters
Birth - 20 October 1836 (181 year anniversary) - Llanwonno, Glamorgan, Wales
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There are a number of other Family History websites using similar software to this site (kiwitrees, webtrees or PhpGedView), and having links to our extended family tree:


The LOVELUCK family of Glamorgan is linked to our DAVIES and POWELL families through a number of different marriages. The Glamorgan LOVELUCKs have been extensively researched by James Loveluck of Meylan in France, and he has made them the subject of a very impressive website. James now also uses kiwitrees for his database section, so you may SEARCH THE GLAMORGAN LOVELUCK FAMILY DATABASE in just the same way as you can search the database on this site. James and I are attempting to coordinate our efforts and at many points in this website you will find direct links to individuals and families on James' website for whom he holds more comprehensive data than I do; similarly, on James' site you will find links to individuals and families on mine.


The HARVEY family of Wivenhoe in Essex, were a family of shipbuilders, some of whom emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. Our CHESSELL cousins' great grandfather Charles Bartholomew CHESSELL was also a shipbuilder who emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. Not surprising then that Charles' eldest son Charles married a HARVEY - Mary Ann HARVEY. Their son David Lawford CHESSELL married my father's sister Annie DAVIES. It was in checking out this connection a few years ago that I discovered the website of Ray HARVEY, the database section of which used PhpGedView, and subsequently webtrees. Sadly, Ray died in 2008, but his grandson Leigh, although not a geanealogist, has tried to keep Ray's site, with it's 21,000 individual database, up and running in memory of his father. You can  SEARCH THE HARVEY FAMILY DATABASE here. 


The GRAHAM family who were the ancestors of Joan Dunmore, originally of Hexham, Northumberland, have several links to our Cumberland BROUGH family, in particular via the SPARK family of Edderside, Holme Cultram. Joan's Graham Family Genealogy Website also uses Webtrees so you may SEARCH THE GRAHAM FAMILY DATABASE in just the same way as you can search the database on this site.

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